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Sensible Extensive Coverage 3 Year Overnight Replacement Warranty

Can be purchased during ordering or up to 60 days from Invoice.
Overnight Replacement Warranty starts from Invoice date, for 3 years.
This warranty is limited to USA and Canada (Excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

#1- If S.E.C was purchased and unit fails within a 3 year warranty period, Contact TEAMSable Inc. to request an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) #.

Tech Support will validate and provide a RMA# if required,
Customer will fill a consent form and agree to terms for replacement.
A Credit card needs to be pre authorized for the amount for the RMA exchange,
but will not be charged unless RMA is not received within 10 days

#2- Product should be packaged with sufficient packing materials so it will prevent damage during transit.

TeamSable will provide a call tag to the customer for the RMA to be shipped back.

#3- TeamSable will ship for Overnight Delivery a new or equivalent unit back to the customer

A replacement will be shipped at no cost to customer

#4- RMA unit MUST be received by TeamSable within 10 days to avoid any charges for the replacement

We expect the RMA unit to be shipped immediately after replacement has been received.

Download Overnight Replacement Form